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The Perfect Contact Lens Care Routine & What Not to Do

  • 20 Jul 2022

When it comes to contact lenses, the emphasis is often put onto the type and quality of the contact lenses themselves. Whether you’re buying daily or monthly disposable contact lenses online in Singapore, any discomfort you experience while wearing them is likely to discourage you from ever purchasing that brand of contact lenses again.

While true that you should always buy contact lenses of a trusted quality, you must also make sure that you lens care routine is up to standards before anything else. For all you know, the negative overall wearing experience you are facing may be due to improper lens care rather than the quality of your contact lenses. Furthermore, an

ineffective lens care routine can also lead to not just discomfort while wearing lenses, but also eye infections and blurry vision.

So, without further ado, here’s a perfect contact lens care routine you can adopt, and what to never do with regards to lens wear and care.

The Perfect Contact Lens Routine

1. Wash and Dry Your Hands

Always wash your hands before putting in or taking off your daily or monthly disposable contact lenses. This should be done with mild soap that doesn’t contain any lotion, perfume or oil of any sort, as these can leave a residual layer of film on your hands that may transfer to your contact lenses.

Once done, dry your hands with a lint-free towel. Residue from lint towels can irritate or injure the eye, and tap water from wet hands may cause bacteria and harmful pathogens to stick to your contact lenses.

2. Clean Your Contact Lenses

Next, if using monthly disposable contact lenses, you’ll want to clean them with some contact lens solution before wearing or storing them. Make sure the solution you buy has the required disinfectant properties — our Eyedia™ Disinfectant Solution, for example, is designed to remove protein and lipid deposits along with dust, pollen, bacteria, and harmful microorganisms from your daily or monthly contact lenses.

Put your contact lens in your palm and add a few drops of contact lens solution to it. Then, gently rub your contact lens on both sides using your pinky finger while ensuring that your fingernail doesn’t touch the lens. Repeat these steps for your other lens as well.

Be sure to always recap your contact lens solution bottle in between use, such that no bacteria can enter.

3. Wear or Store

Your contact lenses are now ready for wear or storage. If storing monthly disposable contact lenses, make sure to do so in a proper lens storage case. The case itself should be replaced at least once every three months, while the solution should always be fresh; never reuse old solution!

What Not to Do

With the perfect lens care routine wrapped up in three simple steps, here are some things you should never do with regards to contact lens wear and care:

  • Never use homemade saline solutions; they can potentially blind you
  • Never share contact lenses with others, whether their daily disposables or monthly ones
  • Never wear contact lenses into the pool, lake, ocean, or other water bodies that contain bacteria
  • Never use tap water to wash or store your monthly disposable contact lenses
  • Never remove or put on your makeup before taking out or putting in your contact lenses
  • Never put on hairspray when wearing contact lenses; do it before putting them on or after taking them out

The Perfect Lens Wearing Experience Starts with the Perfect Lenses

At Clearlab, we leverage clinical expertise and experience to engineer some of the best daily disposables and monthly contact lenses available in Singapore’s online and offline optics market. We also have coloured dailies and coloured monthlies for those who prefer a splash of colour, and continually commit to regularly putting out constructive content to help contact lens wearers countrywide.

Buy contact lenses online from Clearlab today, or book a free eye exam with us to get your contact lens journey started.



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Contact Xchange 2 years ago

Contact Xchange 2 years ago

wonderful information about contact lens routine morever a worthy guide for informtaiona briefing on DOs and Donts of contatc lens.