Daily Disposable Contact Lens

Daily Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses offer people the space to spice up their aesthetics by changing the colour of their iris. It can give an occasional confidence boost, allowing people to feel their best by tweaking just a small feature of their beautiful faces. At Clearlab, we provide both daily and monthly coloured contact lenses to cater to those who would wear them occasionally or every day.

Why Choose Clearlab Daily Colored Lenses

Clearlab specialises in natural coloured daily contact lenses. Here you will find a wide range of natural colours that will enhance your natural beauty or turn you into a different version of yourself. Clearlab has designed our daily disposable contact lenses to be fashionable and comfortable at an affordable price. Choose from our specially curated range of colours: Black, Brown or Gray for those who want a simple change. If you're feeling a little bit more adventurous, Clearlab offers Hazel, Blue and Green colour daily contact lenses as well. Whatever you are feeling in that moment, Clearlab is sure to have a colour to match the mood. We are committed to providing you high quality daily coloured contact lenses. Our lenses will give you crystal clear vision thanks to an exceptional AQUAGRIPTM dimensional stability technology, as well as prolonged moisture in your eyes with our anti-dry technology. You can enjoy eye safety and protection through pigment encapsulation and protective outer coating. With our true Hioxifilcon A formulation, you will find that our daily colour contact lenses provide silk-like comfort through its high water content.

Shop for Daily Colour Contact Lenses

Clearlab is focused on exploring new techniques and collaborating with our affiliates worldwide to deliver the best results for our customers. Clearlab's daily coloured contact lenses are formulated and manufactured with research-backed technology to allow for optimised comfort at an affordable price. They are designed for those with myopia, hyperopia in phakic or non-phakic persons with non-diseased eyes and astigmatism of 1.00D or less. If you are interested to try our daily colour contact lenses, you can purchase a sample set online. If you're looking for contact lenses for contact lenses for daily use, you will be able to find a suitable option with Clearlab too!