Multi Purpose Lens Care Solution

Monthly Contact Lens Solution

Eye care is especially important as a wearer of contact lenses. Bacteria trapped in the lenses can cause both inflammation and infections, if not impairing your vision. It is thus essential to have the right solution in order to optimise your lens care, especially that of your monthly lenses. Clearlab is here to provide you with the proper contact lens solution to accompany our high quality monthly contact lenses

Why Choose Clearlab Contact Lens Solution

Our Eyedia Lens Care Solution is designed to remove protein and lipid deposits that can potentially cause discomfort, irritation or impair clarity of sight. It is also able to remove debris from work or other environmental sources such as dust and pollen. Eyedia Lens Care solution is able to eliminate harmful bacteria and microorganisms, effectively disinfecting your monthly contact lenses. Further, it is able to improve the wetting and water retention of the lenses by coating them with 6 moisturising hydroxyl groups.

Shop Clearlab Monthly Contact Lens Solution

Clearlab's vision is to provide our customers with the best quality contact lenses and their accompanying lens care solutions. With our experienced team and overseas affiliates, we work hard to produce research-backed, clinically proven contact lens solutions to help you take care of your eyes to avoid infections or inflammation, at an affordable rate. By equipping yourself with our high-quality contact lens solution, you will be able to get the most out of your monthly lenses. If you would like to purchase a sample of our Eyedia Lens Care Solution in Singapore, you can simply cart out online!