Daily Contact Lens

Daily Contact Lenses

Daily contact lenses are good for many different cases; you can opt to wear them on days you feel like dressing up, or for important events like weddings and presentations here in Singapore. If you feel like you are not yet ready to commit to wearing contact lenses full time, or like the idea of having a choice between glasses and contact lenses, then daily contact lenses are your friend. They can come in clear standard lenses, or natural coloured ones. These are contact lenses that will last at most 18 hours, just enough for your day activities (we do not recommend wearing for longer than that, your eyes need their rest too!). After a day of wear, you dont need to care for these lenses as they are disposable. Simply discard them after use.

Why Choose Clearlab Daily Contact Lenses

At Clearlab, we are committed to providing you top quality daily contact lenses. Our lenses are first and foremost manufactured with the environment in mind: we use 80% less plastic and reduce water usage by 70%. They are also allergen-free and made with an anti-dry technology to ensure that your eyes stay moisturised throughout the day. With our true Hioxifilcon A formulation that allows for high water content, you will enjoy silk-like comfort the moment you put them on.

Shop for Clearlab Daily Contact Lenses

Our team actively explores new techniques, collaborating with our affiliates worldwide for the best results. Clearlab daily contact lenses are formulated and manufactured with research-backed technology to ensure optimised comfort at an affordable rate. They are specialised for those with myopia, hyperopia in phakic or non-phakic persons with non-diseased eyes and astigmatism of 1.00D or less. If you are interested, you can purchase our daily contact lenses online today!