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Quick & Easy Guide to Buying Your Contact Lenses Online

  • 03 Feb 2022

These days, it is easier than ever to shop for everything you need online. You can buy groceries, clothes, furniture and even contact lenses, all from the comfort and convenience of home! As more and more people in Singapore are opting for online shopping, you may be wondering: “Is it a good idea to order my contact lenses online?

The answer is yes! Buying contact lenses online from a trusted store can offer many benefits. Here is our definitive guide on all you need to know before clicking “Add to Cart”!

Why Buy Contact Lenses Online?

Shopping online for contact lenses offers unbeatable convenience. Within a few clicks, you can get your contact lens supply delivered right to your doorstep. No need to lug heavy bottles of contact lens solution home!

Buying online also enables you to get affordable prices directly from manufacturers. These prices are often far lower than what you might find at brick-and-mortar stores. At ClearLab, prices may even be up to 70% lower than other brands due to our direct sales to end-users business model!

What Do You Need to Prepare?

The requirement to shop for contact lenses online is a valid, up-to-date prescription (within 2 years from the last one). New to contact lenses, or unsure if your existing prescription is accurate? Don’t hesitate to approach us for a free eye exam! After that, your prescription record will be kept in digital form and can be conveniently accessed for your next purchase at our online store.

You can also narrow down your search by noting down your contact lens preferences (e.g. daily, monthly or coloured) and any specific needs, such as toric lenses for astigmatism.

How to Choose Which Online Store to Buy From

When it comes to selecting your online contact lens provider, there are several things to consider. For starters, make sure that the store is selling certified quality products. Contact lenses are medical devices that require proper certification for use. Look out for certifications and approval Certifications and Approval from official regulatory bodies such as the ISO, US FDA, the Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA) and more.

At Clearlab, our products not only meet but exceed ISO and US FDA requirements. Comprehensive product registrations in major global markets such as the United States, Canada, Korea, EU and Japan demonstrate the high-quality standards of Clearlab products.

Another thing you should consider is whether the online shop has Return and Exchange policies in place. Such policies offer peace of mind, as they ensure you can get your money back if you have a change of heart.

What to Expect When You Order From Clearlab

Ready to make your online purchase at Clearlab? Getting your contact lenses delivered to your home is a fuss-free process! Simply follow these steps for a smooth online shopping experience:

  1. Browse our online catalogue of daily, monthly, and coloured lenses, as well as contact lens solution at your convenience.

  2. Once you’ve made your choice, choose the proper eyesight powers for your left and right eye using the “Power” dropdown menu. If you need an updated prescription, make an appointment for a free eye exam at our Clearlab outlet located at CentrePoint (#01-28/29).

  3. Select your preferred quantity. You may order different quantities for the left and right lenses based on what you need.

  4. Add to cart, check out and make your payment. An eye care professional will review your submitted prescription and approve your order to protect your eye health. This process may take 2-3 business days.

  5. You’ll receive a confirmation email. The order will be dispatched to you in 3-5 days after processing is complete. Voilà! You’ve successfully ordered contact lenses online!

Buying contact lenses online in Singapore is safe, efficient, and straightforward. Visit Clearlab’s website today to get started, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’re more than happy to help.



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