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Essentials Items Every Contact Lens Wearer Should Have

  • 15 Jul 2022

Just beginning your journey on becoming a full-time monthly contact lens user? On top of your actual contact lenses, you’re going to need several items to make your lens wearing experience as smooth as can be. If you’re a veteran contact lens wearer, you should know these items like the back of your hand by now. However, if you’re still unsure, here’s our essential checklist of the four things you’ll need.

1. High-Quality Lens Care Solution

Saline solution, rewetting drops or tap water are no-nos for cleaning and storage. Hence, a proper lens care solution is a must-have in your contact lens arsenal. You’ll be using it every day to clean your lenses thoroughly and store them while they aren’t being worn.

Clearlab’s Eyedia™ Lens Care Solution is a multi-purpose solution that cleans, disinfects and lubricates your contact lenses all in one go. It is specially formulated to kill 99.99% of germs and harnesses cutting-edge technology to improve wetting and water retention of the lens.

For more helpful knowledge on caring for your contact lenses, check out our blogs on all you need to know about lens care, as well as a straightforward lens cleaning routine that you can easily follow.

2. Contact Lens Case

No contact lens kit is complete without a secure case for your lenses. Caring for your case is just as important as your contact lenses. When storing your contact lenses, fill up the compartments of your lens case with fresh solution, making sure never to re-use or top-off old solution in the case. Avoid using regular water to wash your case at all costs — this includes tap, bottled and distilled water.

When you remove your lenses to wear them for the day, rinse off your case with solution and leave it to air-dry upside down. And most importantly, remember to dispose of your case and replace it with a new one every three months.

3. Eye Drops

You’ll never know when your eyes might feel dry, irritated, or even just tired while wearing your contact lenses. Artificial tears or eye drops come in small, compact bottles that you can easily carry with you wherever you go. Regular over-the-counter eye drops might not be compatible with contact lenses. Look out for drops that are safe to use with contact lenses — these are usually specially formulated to relieve dryness and discomfort caused by contact lenses.

4. Backup Pair of Spectacles

Better to be safe than sorry! Even if you are using your monthly contact lenses on a full-time basis, it’s always a good idea to keep a backup pair of glasses just in case. Giving your eyes a break and letting them breathe after wearing contact lenses all day long is important. Backup spectacles are great to have for those times when you’ve removed your lenses for the night or when you don’t feel like wearing your contacts.

Ensure that the lenses of your backup glasses are made using the same prescription as your contact lenses. For an up-to-date prescription, you are welcome to visit Clearlab for a free eye exam at our CentrePoint outlet.

Discover Top-Quality Monthly Contact Lenses at Clearlab

If you’re looking for comfortable, affordable and high-quality monthly disposable contact lenses in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place. Shop online for the perfect pair of contact lenses along with the lens care solution essentials at Clearlab today. Unsure which type of lens best suits your needs? Feel free to email us at with any questions, and our team will be in touch shortly.



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