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A Simple 4-Step Routine For Ultra-Clean Contact Lenses

  • 19 Nov 2021

Cleaning your monthly contact lenses every single day might seem like a hassle, we know. But, in reality, all it takes is a five-minute daily regimen to ensure fresh, clean lenses for your eye health and comfort. If you’re unsure how to clean your contact lenses properly, follow this easy 4-step routine!

Step 1: Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands should be your number one priority. Our hands come into contact with many things during the day, and they are teeming with bacteria. It is crucial to wash them thoroughly to remove germs and prevent eye irritation or infection. Don’t forget to scrub under your fingernails as well, though it’s best to keep your nails short for cleaning your lenses.

Try to avoid using any moisturising or heavily scented soaps and lotions before touching your contacts. Dry them off completely before moving to the next step.

Step 2: Fill Each Chamber of Your Lens Case With Solution

It’s always a good idea to prepare your lens case in advance. By doing so, you won’t have to fiddle with it while holding your clean lenses later. Optionally, you can re-rinse your case with solution before filling up both sides with an adequate amount of fresh solution.

Step 3: Clean Your Contacts

Now, it’s time to start cleaning! Remove and place one lens in the palm of your hand. We recommend always starting with the same side so that you won’t get mixed up in the future. Squeeze a few drops of contact lens solution into the lens. Then, using one finger of your other hand, gently rub the lens back and forth on your palm for about 10-20 seconds. This rubbing motion helps to dissolve lipids and proteins that have built up on the lens surface. Avoid letting your nails come into contact with the lens. Try not to use your nails to rub or scratch at the lenses directly either, as this could potentially damage the contact lenses.

Step 4: Rinse Them Off & Store

After rubbing it clean, rinse off the lens with contact lens solution — not tap water! Remember: you should only be using your lens solution for cleaning and storing your lenses every step of the way.

Place the lens into its corresponding side of the lens case before repeating with the lens in your other eye.

Once you’re all done, close your case and leave the lenses to soak in the solution overnight.

What About When I Take Them Out in the Morning?

The morning routine for your contact lenses is even easier. After putting on your lenses the next day, pour away the existing solution in the lens case. Rinse the case with contact lens solution, including the caps. Leave the case to air-dry uncapped and upside down on a clean tissue or paper towel. And you’re done! Don’t forget to replace your lens case regularly every three months.

With a little practice and dedication, you can turn your daily contact lens cleaning routine into a good habit. For more tips and tricks on how to keep your contact lenses clean, read our comprehensive guide to caring for your lenses.

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